You have nerves in your brain and spinal cord that control how your muscles work. These are called motor neurones. MND is a disease that affects the motor neurones.

With MND, motor neurones gradually stop telling your muscles how to move. When muscles no longer move, they become weak, which can also lead to stiffness and loss of muscle mass (wasting).

MND is a life-shortening illness that can affect how you walk, talk, eat, drink and breathe. This is usually different for each individual. You may not get all of the symptoms and there is no set order in which they happen.

The disease will progress, which means your symptoms will get worse over time. For some people this can be rapid, for others it is slower.

There is currently no cure for MND, but your doctors and other health and social care professionals can help you to manage symptoms and remain independent for as long as possible.

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