BICC 2021 Race Program – SOUTH ROAD

The updated BICC race program at 08/05/2021 and BIRDAGE  Wadebridge = £3.00, Nationals are all £3.50 and Internationals are £8.50

May 15th, Wadebridge

May 29th, Alencon

June 12th, Poitiers

June 25th, Pau International 

and from thereon is as per the original that’s in the handbook

2nd, July Agen International

9th, July Barcelona International

10th, July Sable sur Sarthe (Le Mans) RPRA code 5145

16th, July St. Vincent International

17th, July Nort-sur-Erdre

23rd, July Marseille International

30th, July Narbonne International

31st, July Roullet St. Esteph (Angouleme) RPRA code 5141

6th, August Perpignan International