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*****BREAKING NEWS****** – The PAU International birds are being brought back to BORDEAUX in the hope of releasing them tomorrow (Monday)

                                                                         AGEN marking time at Sunbury tomorrow Monday 27th June is now 9.30am -12.30pm

                                                                                                            PAU International – Sunday 26th June:   No liberation today    

                             Lerwick Liberation – Sunday 26th June Birds liberated at 5.30am in to a South East Wind. (Hours of darkness are 22.00hrs – 04.30hrs)

                                                                                  **MUST READ** Marking time for ALL Internationals is 10am till 1pm at Sunbury               

**MUST READ**  LERWICK & PERTH- FOR NORTH ROAD RACES You must verify your North Road birds on the following verification number 02382 182675 NOT on the BICC verification number. All paperwork must be sent to Clare Norman NOT Carol after the race.

**MUST READ** The Marking Times for St Philbert OB2  & Poitiers at Southampton is NOW 9am till 1pm

UK Masters Race – St Philbert – 2nd July 2022 – Full details > > Here

UK Masters Race St Philbert July 2nd

It is possible to cross nominate your birds in as many clubs that you wish for this race.  The easiest way is to pay the full amount of £4 per pigeon to your “main” organisation, which may be the one which is convoying your birds (i.e. the NFC or the BICC) and state this clearly on the race entry sheet that you take to the marking station with you.  For cross nomination into the BBC, NFC or CSCFC you will have to inform the secretary of your intention by their given deadlines (see those organisations websites).  When you go to the marking station you will also need to fill in race sheets listing your birds to be cross nominated into any of your chosen organisations, as well as the race sheet with your birds for the main race.  Please state clearly on each race sheet when it is a cross nominated entry.  Cross nomination to St Philbert is £1.50 per pigeon. 

***** MUST READ ***** If entering National Races … Read More – updated 17/06/2022 Here

***** NORTH ROAD ***** Race information (note Thurso 16/07/2022  is being convoyed by the NRCC) > > > Here

***** Entry sheets and new pool and fuel surcharge ***** New for 2022 Read more Here

Race Programme for 2022   …… Full details here

 To access  the Racing Menu > > > > >  Fixture List     Verification     Early Times      Race Reports      Final Results 

“Our standard request is that if you win a position in the top three of your section, could you please send details of your pigeon, along with your photo if possible, to our Press Officer by email at mike.jackson026@hotmail.com or call Mike Jackson on 07964 448291. Photos can be sent using “Whats App” to 07964 448291. This your platform for the publicity that you deserve, so please help by making contact as soon after the Early Times are announced as possible.

Please Note: -If you verify your first pigeon via the telephone, then please call 01784 – 664085 and then simply end the call when you have verified. There is no responding verification number supplied in return. If you are verifying On-Line, you will be sent a confirmation Email.