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Liberation news  Pau International Saturday 22nd, June 2019        

         Early times here             Winners Report  here          Final Result when available  here

The 12,119 International pigeons, including 512 birds from the UK, have been released at 7:15 am (UK time) into blue skies and sunny spells, with good visibility and no wind.

Please remember that every pigeon clocked, should be verified in an International


“Our standard request is that if you win a position in the top three of your section, could you please send details of your pigeon, along with your photo if possible, to our Press Officer by email at biccpressofficer@gmail.com or call Chris Sutton on 01530 242548. This your platform for the publicity you deserve, so please help by making contact within 5 days of the race.”

An important request from the secretary that you should either verify your first pigeon, by telephone number below, or On-Line but not both. 



Please Note: -If you verify your first pigeon via the telephone, the number printed in the Handbook no longer exists. Please call 01784 – 664085 and then simply end the call when you have verified. There is no responding verification number supplied in return. If you are verifying On-Line, you will be sent a confirmation Email.