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                                                  *****Little Harrowden (Northampton) Marking Station Times Change*****
As from the St Philbert Race, Little Harrowden will be marking 7.30am until 10am, so that the paperwork for the vet  can be completed by the 12.30pm deadline. Russell asks if all members that attend Little Harrowden could fully complete their entry forms and if pooling make sure the totals are all added up on the right hand side of the sheet. If using rubbers make sure the entry sheet is completed with all pigeons ring numbers. Thank you.
                                                                                                 *****Next Race St Philbert Saturday 25th May******
Marking for St Philbert is Thursday 23rd  May. (see below for marking stations and times)
Please see below to make sure you have the correct Channel Racing Paperwork with you before you arrive at the marking station.
Please can you only verify your FIRST arrival within 30 minutes NOT anymore as this slows Carol down when taking off the verifications. Thank you.
                                                                                                                *****MARKING STATION TIMES******
All members must keep to the Marking Station times as we have to make sure the French Paperwork is sent to Customs on time to avoid not being able to travel.
MARKING AT SUNBURY ONLY 9.30pm – 12pm plus for PAU Southampton marking station is available 9am – 11am.
Colchester (Stanway): Marking Times: FRENCH RACES 8am – 11am
Gwent: Marking Times: Telephone John Burgham for times 07739089208
Higham: Marking Times: FRENCH RACES 8am – 11am
Northampton (Little Harrowden): Marking Times: FRENCH RACES 7.30am -10.00am
Rugeley: Marking Times: FRENCH RACES (Wednesday) 7pm-9.30pm
Southampton: Marking Times: FRENCH RACES 9am – 11.00am
Steventon: Marking Times: FRENCH RACES 9.30am – 11am
Street: Marking Times: FRENCH RACES 9am – 10.30am (for Bordeaux, marking station to be advised)
Sunbury: Marking Times: FRENCH RACES 9am – 11.30am
                                                                                                       ***HIGHAM MARKING STATION PAYMENTS***
Please could all members using Higham Marking Station please pay for their entries by Bank Transfer or Cheque NOT cash. Thank you.
                                                    ******Channel Racing Paperwork to be taken to the marking stations******
When attending the marking stations for all French & Spanish races you must have the following Channel racing paperwork with you. This paperwork must be taken to every marking you attend for overseas racing excluding Guernsey.
1) Your email from DEFRA with your Racing Pigeon Establishment Registration CPH number on it.
2) Your declaration form signed and dated.
3) Your Vet’s Attestation form to prove that a vet has carried out your loft visit for 2024 racing.
4) Your vaccination form with all birds recorded on it which are housed in your lofts.
*******Bird Flu Update & Registration of Birds******* 
Please read the latest update from the RPRA 19th March 2024 Here
BICC Presentation 2024 – Saturday 1st March 2025 at The Marsham Court Hotel, Bournemouth.              
“Our standard request is that if you win a position in the top three of your section, could you please send details of your pigeon, along with your photo if possible, to our Press Officer by email at mike.jackson026@hotmail.com or call Mike Jackson on 07964 448291. Photos can be sent using “Whats App” to 07964 448291. This your platform for the publicity that you deserve, so please help by making contact as soon after the Early Times are announced as possible.

Please Note: -If you verify your first pigeon via the telephone, then please call 01784 – 664085 and then simply end the call when you have verified. There is no responding verification number supplied in return. If you are verifying On-Line, you will be sent a confirmation Email.