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The news you have all been waiting patiently for: –

The BICC convoy were liberated at 11:15 under almost clear blue skies. The convoyer reported the birds cleared immediately in a west south west wind. Some showery activity on route but a good flying day.

Good luck Mark and Steve


Please note the free on-line verification via the BICC web site has been slightly altered this year and the “code column” dropped. Simply insert the race number as per the Fixtures list when verifying, and for the National races only verify your first pigeon.


***** All Marking Stations opening times are as per the Handbook *****

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“Our standard request is that if you win a position in the top three of your section, could you please send details of your pigeon, along with your photo if possible, to our Press Officer by email at mike.jackson026@hotmail.com or call Mike Jackson on 07964 448291. Photos can be sent using “Whats App” to 07964 448291. This your platform for the publicity that you deserve, so please help by making contact as soon after the Early Times are announced as possible.

An important request from the secretary is that you should either verify only your first pigeon, by telephone number below, or On-Line but not both.  ES & CS are easily confused on the phone >> Please help the secretary by stating these codes clearly.

Please Note: -If you verify your first pigeon via the telephone, then please call 01784 – 664085 and then simply end the call when you have verified. There is no responding verification number supplied in return. If you are verifying On-Line, you will be sent a confirmation Email.