BICC 2022 Race Program      Note: Basketing details and Marking Stations will be in the handbook 

Issued 24th Nov 2021 and subject to change as required                     Download Race Programme Here

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30th, April                     Falaise                   £3.50 a bird

14th, May                       Falaise                   £3.50 a bird

28th, May                       St. Philbert            £4.00 a bird

11th, June                      Poitiers                  £4.50 a bird

9th, July                         Sable-sur-Sarthe    £3.50 a bird

All Basketing days the previous Thursday (or in some cases Wednesday)


24th, June               Pau                        £8.50 a bird

1st, July                  Agen                      £8.50 a bird

8th, July                  Barcelona              £8.50 a bird

15th, July                St. Vincent             £8.50 a bird

22nd July               Marseille                £8.50 a bird

29th, July                Narbonne              £8.50 a bird

5th, August             Perpignan              £8.50 a bird

The Any Age & Young Bird Races

20th, August Guernsey   &   10th, September Falaise 

   Both races £3.50 a bird