Clock Rules (2023)                                                                                                                      Download >> Here

1. Clock Stations can operate in any locality; in your club; Federation or Combine, provided of course the usual strict adherence to the rules be adopted as per the R.P.R.A.

2. Clock sheets will be supplied by the BICC, and only these sheets are to be used. They must be fully completed both by the member and the clock setter to include your verification number, which is given on verifying your bird. All ring numbers and any pools of birds timed in must be entered on the clock sheet whatever system of timing in is being used. Failure to comply will entail disqualification from the result. All rubbers, dials and ETS sheets are to be sent to the race secretary by recorded delivery and posted by the first collection day after timing.

3. Clocks must be opened and checked thus; – birds timed in before 18:30 hours must be checked the same day; otherwise as per RPRA rules. At least two R.P.R.A. members must be present. The clock setters name and address must be on the clock sheet, and counter signed by an Independent R.P.R.A. member.

4. Master Timer Dials must be available, and copies sent with the clock dials etc.

5. Skymaster clocks are forbidden.

6. That the secretary can request any RPRA member to visit any club member’s early arrival, and verify the ring number and wing stamp if applicable.

7. International Races. Manual Clocks ~ both rubbers to be timed in for all birds. ETS Clocks ~ Normal rules apply. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

8. Anything not arising or not provided for in these rules shall be decided by the committee, whose decision shall be final and binding, subject to appeal within 21 days to the Royal Pigeon Racing Association.

9. Toulet Puncture Clocks cannot be accepted to be put forward for International Results. The International rules state printer clocks only

Liberation Line: – 01784-664122

Verification Line: – 01784-664085

 If you phone-in your verification leave your BICC membership code; time of arrival and ring number. You will NOT be given a Verification Number via the phone-in line, so simply hang-up. You are also able to verify  Here

 and then you will receive a message back confirming the verification.