Verification Procedure and options   …. Internationals ….  verify all pigeons               Nationals … first pigeon only

Help with online verification  Help  

For the current race BARCELONA please ONLY  use Telephone number is 01784 664085  as we set up for Dax

OLD BIRD *** INTERNATIONALS ***    Verify on line for DAX   12/07/2024  code 5161  Race 9 > >   International Verification 

OLD BIRD *** NATIONALS ***    Verify on line for BORDEAUX OB   12/07/2024  code 5007  Race 10 > >   National Verification 

The verification procedure is as follows:-
International races
Every pigeon timed in must be verified within 30 minutes of clocking
National races
Only your first pigeon needs to be verified, again within 30 minutes of clocking

If the race is longer than three days duration, verification must be within 12 hours.

The Verification Telephone number is 01784 664085         

Full details can be downloaded Here 

When verifying by telephone, you must communicate clearly:-

BICC Membership Code
Full Ring Number
Time of Clocking and then simply hang up as no message or reference number required.

This service will no longer give a verification number in return, but a pod-cast of the call is kept for 14 days in case the message needs to be listened to again.

It would be really helpful for those in the BICC who can read this message to pass these new numbers to anyone they know who doesn’t have an Internet connection or facility.

For Liberation Times and all other news ~ 01784 664122
You may also verify here with no additional cost. Click on ‘Racing’ in the menu, and ‘Verification’ is 3rd down in the drop down menu.

The Liberation time and any relevant news will be found on the BICC web site, and also on the BICC Facebook page. Related information will be updated to the BICC Web Site as soon after liberation as possible.

Republic of Ireland Members  0044 1784 664122