BICC Race Marking Procedure ~ Please read in full.

You will need to be registered with Defra and have been issued with a CPH number for Racing Pigeon Establishment in order to race from France (or any other EU country).

You cannot enter the race if your loft is within a Bird Flu Restriction Zone, please check > > >  here

You will need to bring with you to race marking:

1 Your Racing Pigeon Establishment Registration Form with CPH Number

2 Your signed and dated Racing Pigeon Operator Declaration 

3 Your veterinary registration confirmation 

4 Your vaccination Certificate 


Upon arrival at marking you will present your documents at the welcome table and after being signed in you will be directed to a marking table / issued with ticket.

When called your birds will be race marked in the normal way with all ring numbers recorded for the health certificate.

Our official vet David Parsons will be onsite to oversee race marking, check documentation and to provide the authorised health certificate required to enter France.

Preferred method of payment is BACS or Cheque.

We will have a large team of race markers present to process your entry as quickly and efficiently as possible but we anticipate that at times we will be busy, please be patient we will be the first organisation moving a large number of birds into France it is essential that we follow all procedures and that you present your documentation as described above.

Thank you for your support and let’s have a great first race back across the water.