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Please note an erratum in the printed version: Rule 85 should read – 85. The Association shall have power so far as the law allows to provide or assist in providing legal advice and assistance to its members in respect of all questions arising out of or connected with the sport of racing or showing homing pigeons or any matter which in the judgement of the Council directly or indirectly affects the interests of the Association. Any application by a member or an Organisation for legal advice or assistance shall be made in writing to the Local Region to which such member belongs or such Organisation is affiliated accompanied by a written statement of the facts of the case and any relevant evidence. Upon receipt of such application the Local Region Committee may take such steps as it deems expedient. No Local Region Committee shall incur any greater expenses than £100 in any one case without the authority of the Council. Legal charges and rewards to informants not exceeding £100 in any one case shall be paid out of Local Region funds.