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Please note Lowestoft; Chirk and Evesham mark on Wednesdays (not Thursdays)

Fixture List

Race NumberRace DateVerification CodeRaceEntry CostMarking DateWeather MapFinal Result
127/04/2019See handbookFalaise National£3.5025/04/2019WeatherFinal Result
211/05/2019See HandbookAlencon National£3.5009/05/2019WeatherFinal Result
325/05/2019See HandbookCholet National£3.5023/05/2019WeatherFinal Result
408/06/2019See HandbookPoitiers National£3.5006/06/2019WeatherFinal Result
521/06/2019See HandbookPau International£8.5017/06/2019WeatherFinal Result
628/06/2019See HandbookAgen International£8.5024/06/2019WeatherFinal Result
705/07/2019See HandbookBarcelona International£8.5030/06/2019WeatherFinal Result
806/07/2019See HandbookLe Mans 1 National£3.5004/07/2019WeatherFinal Result
912/07/2019See HandbookSt Vincent International£8.5008/07/2019Weather
1020/07/2019See HandbookLe Mans 2 National£3.5018/07/2019Weather
1119/07/2019See HandbookMarseille International£8.5015/07/2019Weather
1226/07/2019See HandbookNarbonne International£8.5022/07/2019Weather
1302/08/2019See HandbookPerpignan International£8.5029/07/2019Weather
1417/08/2019See HandbookGuernsey YB National£3.5015/08/2019Weather
1517/08/2019See HandbookGuernsey AA National£3.5015/08/2019Weather
1607/09/2019See HandbookFougeres YB National£3.5005/09/2019Weather
1707/09/2019See HandbookFougeres AA National£3.5005/09/2019Weather

2019 International Races
Note: – ** Barcelona & Pau = No Yearlings – Old Birds only
** Pau – No Longer any birdage limit

2019 National Races : A A  Races (Any Age) to include only Old Cocks and Old Hens   Y B Races (Young Birds only)
Check locally for alternative marking dates such as Wednesday evening markings etc here for Marking Stations location/time