Marking Station information, procedures and questionnaire



The procedure document here is applicable to those organisations that organise racing and will hopefully assist in ensuring a smooth transition towards facilitating racing if and when restrictions are lifted. View/Download the Procedure here as pdf  BICC-Covid19Procedure

Under the rules of the association race programmes are required by 1st March 2020 – rule 129. This provides RPRA staff with sufficient time to collate race programmes, book sites and also meet the General license requirements for gatherings (the law).

Taking into consideration these requirements and the uncertainties relating to when racing will commence, organisations are encouraged to develop race programme contingencies.

Race programmes should initially be formed on the assumption that current Government restrictions will be relaxed by 7th May which will allow members to commence training their pigeons. This will hopefully mean that a realistic start to racing would be 23rd May – or later of the organisation considers necessary.

Organisations should form two race programmes. One based on Continental racing being permitted and one based on no continental racing.  While the current restrictions are in place organisations will not be able to meet to discuss and develop race programmes. Therefore organisations should adopt a different approach; online meeting tools such as ‘Zoom’, email or telephone.

As stated this is based on a major assumption regarding how and when restrictions will be lifted and it maybe that this assumption turns out to be rather optimistic. This document/guidance will therefore be amended and circulated periodically to reflect the current position.

We need to be in a position to react quickly and ensure racing starts as soon as possible.

Therefore, we will require all contingency/amended race programmes at least 21 days before the first race.

The MS questionnaire here should be completed by the MS I/C and returned as instructed asap.

View/Download as PDF file  BICC-MS-Questionnaire

View/Download as Word Document BICC-MS_Questionnaire