BICC race verification – Help Page

* * * * Members please note there are now separate online Verification forms for National and International races so please take care to verify using the correct form. Your co-operation will ensure accurate provisional results * * * * *

Members can verify online  Click Here 

Below are some helpful notes and information.

VRC (Verification Race Code) are found in your BICC Handbook in the 2020 Race Fixtures section.

Membership Number is entered without spaces and capitals eg CS123

Your Flying name as registered with the BICC

OH (Old Hen)    OC (Old Cock)     YB (Young Bird)

Ring Numbers are in capitals and no spaces eg   GB12SE45678

Arrival Time using 24 hour clock eg 08:34:12  or   16:23:50 (note the colon : between HH:MM:SS)

Enter Race Number (1 to 19) from the List below the box

Add your email address carefully so we can send you a confirmation email of the verification.

Complete the antispam challenge (if required) which will be a tick box “I am not a robot” or a photographic option ticking the correct images

After your successful verification you will receive a confirmation email but please check your spam/junk just in case if not in your inbox and then confirm the email is not spam. 

Race Numbers numbered from 1 to 19 for 2020 are found  Click Here