BICC Alternative North Road Program  …. View North Road map Here

As much as the BICC committee wanted to be positive and upbeat in confirming our wish to race from France with the existing and published program, it is obvious with hindsight that we were perhaps a little premature, as the RPRA are having increasing and ongoing difficulties in establishing that any pigeon transporters will be allowed to enter France. It is still our basic wish to race from France and join the Internationals, but seemingly this aspiration is being thwarted and may still take a considerable time to resolve.

Consequently the BICC have compiled an alternative program commencing 15th May and racing from the North. Thus please see below the North Road Program but would again stress that if the Channel opens up, or there is any way of competing in the Internationals, this alternative program would be immediately aborted.

If Racing from France becomes available then the club will revert to a South Road Program

A Young Bird Program still to be decided …. Full OB North Road programme including Entry Fees Here

15th May.  Hexham (4047) Tyne & Wear    … Hexham replaced with WADEBRIDGE 4120 

Basketing 13th May ~ Entry £3.00

29th May.  Berwick Upon Tweed (4008) Northumberland

Basketing 27th, May ~ Entry £3.50

12th June.  Fraserburgh (4036) Grampian

Basketing 10th, June ~ Entry £3.50

26th June.  Thurso (4115) Highlands

Basketing Tuesday 22nd, June ~ Entry £5.00

10th July.  Berwick (4008)

Basketing 8th, July ~ Entry £3.50

23rd July – Friday – Lerwick (4057) Shetland.

Basketing Monday 19th, July ~ Entry £7.50

24th July.  Otterburn (4167) Northumberland.

Basketing 22nd, July ~ Entry £3.50

Please be aware that the routes and collection times will potentially alter, and probably three lorries will be involved as the majority of marking stations will now be collected, and possibly (TBC) the more northerly ones may be collected on a Friday morning en route north.

It is essential that nearer the race dates members check with their marking stations as to whether any marking times have been revised

This statement has been agreed by every member of the BICC committee

9th, April 2021